Time-lapse imaging of human heart motion with switched array UWB radar

Brovoll, Sverre
Berger, Tor
Paichard, Yoann
Aardal, Øyvind
Lande, Tor Sverre
Hamran, Svein-Erik
Brovoll, Sverre; Berger, Tor; Paichard, Yoann; Aardal, Øyvind; Lande, Tor Sverre; Hamran, Svein-Erik. Time-lapse imaging of human heart motion with switched array UWB radar. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems 2014 ;Volum 8.(5) s. 704-715
Size: 2M
Radar systems for detection of human heartbeats have mostly been single-channel systems with limited spatial resolution. In this paper, a radar system for ultra-wideband (UWB) imaging of the human heart is presented. To make the radar waves penetrate the human tissue the antenna is placed very close to the body. The antenna is an array with eight elements, and an antenna switch system connects the radar to the individual elements in sequence to form an image. Successive images are used to build up time-lapse movies of the beating heart. Measurements on a human test subject are presented and the heart motion is estimated at different locations inside the body. The movies show rhythmic motion consistent with the beating heart, and the location and shape of the reflections correspond well with the expected response form the heart wall. The spatial dependent heart motion is compared to ECG recordings, and it is confirmed that heartbeat modulations are seen in the radar data. This work shows that radar imaging of the human heart may provide valuable information on the mechanical movement of the heart.
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