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  • Hvordan styrke forsvaret av Norge? - Et innspill til ny langtidsplan (2021–2024) 

    Author::Skjelland, Espen; Author::Glærum, Sigurd; Author::Beadle, Alexander William; Author::Endregard, Monica; Author::Guttelvik, Mona Sagsveen; Author::Hennum, Alf Christian; Author::Kvalvik, Sverre Nyhus; Author::Køber, Petter Kristian; Author::Mørkved, Torgeir; Author::Olsen, Karl Erik; Author::Sendstad, Cecilie; Author::Voldhaug, Jan Erik; Author::Åtland, Kristian (2019)
    For å fastsette rammer for arbeidet med neste langtidsplan har FFI fått i oppdrag å vurdere ulike retninger for videreutviklingen av Forsvaret med vekt på å synliggjøre overordnede muligheter for regjeringen. Vi har ...
  • Very-High-Frequency Single-Input–Multiple-Output Acoustic Communication in Shallow Water 

    Rudander, Jacob Hiden; Walree, Paul van; Husøy, Thor; Orten, Pål (2018)
    Very-high-frequency (VHF) underwater acoustic communication is a relatively unexplored terrain, but its importance is expected to increase with the growing demands for larger bandwidths and higher data rates. Knowledge of ...
  • Control Plane Performance in Tactical Software Defined Networks 

    Flathagen, Joakim; Bentstuen, Ingar (2019)
    Software Defined Networking can be beneficial in tactical networks to increase flexibility, provide programmability and to simplify management. The immense dynamics in tactical communication networks can, however, lead to ...
  • Content-based multimedia analytics: US and NATO research 

    Bowman, Elizabeth K; Burghouts, Gertjan; Øverlier, Lasse; Kase, Sue E; Zimmerman, Randal J; Oggero, Serena (2018)
    The US and nations of the NATO Alliance are increasingly threatened by the global spread of terrorism, humanitarian crises/disaster response, and public health emergencies. These threats are influenced by the unprecedented ...
  • Rapid detection of gastrointestinal pathogens in water using the FilmArray® system 

    Author::Davidson, Rebecca K.; Author::Ørmen, Øyvind André; Author::Aarskaug, Tone; Author::Thrane, Ingjerd; Author::Madslien, Elisabeth H. (2018)
    We investigated the capabilities of the FilmArray gastrointestinal panel to detect bacterial and parasitical agents in contaminated river water. The FilmArray system is based upon molecular methods using a nested multiplex ...

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