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  • Mathematical modelling of the oxygen uptake kinetics during whole-body endurance exercise and recovery 

    Moxnes, John Fredrik; Sandbakk, Øyvind (2017)
    In this study, we elucidate four different mathematical models of the kinetics of oxygen uptake during whole-body endurance exercise at different intensities and throughout the subsequent recovery periods. We employ the ...
  • DETOUR trials: The mission and its results 

    Stejskal, Vojtech; Kuschel, Heiner; Brenner, Tateusz; Lamentowski, Leszek; Norheim-Næss, Idar; Samczynski, Piotr; Kulpa, Janusz (2017)
    In this paper DMPAR Evaluation Trials for Operationally Upgraded Radar (DETOUR) and their results for a selected scenario are described. The DETOUR trials were conducted by the SET-195 research task group (RTG) under an ...
  • A Reactive Collision Avoidance Algorithm for Vehicles withUnderactuated Dynamics 

    Syre Wiig, Martin; Pettersen, Kristin Ytterstad; Krogstad, Thomas Røbekk (2017)
    This paper presents a reactive collision avoidance algorithm, which avoids both static and moving obstacles by keeping a constant avoidance angle between the vehicle velocity vector and the obstacle. In particular, we ...
  • Robust eye-safe pulsed fiber laser source for 3D ladar applications 

    Holmen, Lars Grønmark; Rustad, Gunnar; Haakestad, Magnus W. (2017)
    We present a pulsed all-fiber Er/Yb-doped master oscillator power amplifier at 1.55 μm wavelength. In a simple two-stage amplifier design, the source delivers 140 μJ pulses at 25 kHz and 50 kHz pulse repetition frequency, ...
  • Country survey: military expenditure and defence policy in Norway 1970?2013 

    Johnson, Alexander Urnes; Hove, Kjetil Hatlebakk; Lillekvelland, Tobias (2017)
    This article examines military expenditure and defence policy in Norway from 1970 to 2013. Until 1990 Norwegian military expenditure remained between 2.5 and 3.0 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Despite constant ...

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