Risikovurdering av tungmetallforurensning på en utendørs skytebane

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Forurensning - Risikoanalyse
Forurensning - Tungmetaller
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Risk assessment of heavy metal pollution was carried out at an outdoor firing range at Sessvollmoen, Norway. The assessment is based on the supervisor published by SFT (Statens forurensningstilsyn). The results indicate no health risk from the heavy metals deposited at the firing range. The concentration of Pb in the butt exceeds the acceptable risk by 200%, however, the human activity in the specific area is low. There might be a health risk caused high air lead and copper levels caused by the firing activity. However, the air concentrations of heavy metals during firing have not been measured. The groundwater was influenced by the pollution. Especially the concentrations of Sb and Zn were higher than normal. All concentrations were below the acceptable concentration for drinking water. However, we suggest that the groundwater should not be used as a resource for drinking water. Some plants have high concentrations of heavy metal, indicating a possible exposure to grazing animals. The concentration of heavy metals in small mammals was normal except for one mice that had elevated levels of Pb and Sb in the lung and the liver. The area should never be used as grazing land.
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