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  • Articles Synthesis and characterization of Al@MOF materials

    Langseth, Eirin, Swang, Ole, Arstad, Bjørnar, Lind, Anna Maria, Cavka, Jasmina Hafizovic, Jensen, Tomas Lunde, Kristensen, Tor Erik, Moxnes, John Fredrik, Unneberg, Erik, Heyn, Richard H.

    Langseth, Eirin; Swang, Ole; Arstad, Bjørnar; Lind, Anna Maria; Cavka, Jasmina Hafizovic; Jensen, Tomas Lunde; Kristensen, Tor Erik; Moxnes, John Fredrik; Unneberg, Erik; Heyn, Richard H.. Synthesis and characterization of Al@MOF materials. Materials Chemistry and Physics 2019 ;Volum 226. s. 220-225