RTP 103.014 FFI 1.2.2 TR 103 Overview of the Norwegian testing

Komposittmaterialer - Liming
Veier - Prøving
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This document is generated in Work Element 1.2.2 and forms a part of the Norwegian contribution to WEAO project Europa 103.014 ”Lightweight low cost carbon fibre composite materials and structures for Armoured Fighting Vehicle Platforms - CAFV”. Material testing will be conducted in WP2 and WP3 in order to select the best materials for use when building and testing the Application Case (AC) in WP6. For testing at sample/panel level (WP 2 and WP3) this document identifies available test methods and testing facilities within the Norwegian consortium and indicates the associated cost. The document identifies tests and outlines test procedures for testing of the Norwegian application case (AC) in WP6. It provides an overview of the available testing facilities and estimates of the associated cost for each test. WP2 will consist of a screening phase followed by testing of material properties, impact testing and test of joining methods. The screening phase is included in order to limit the number of materials in the complete test program. The material test program should establish properties such as; ultimate in plane strength in tension, compression and shear for the main types of reinforcement and resins. In addition the out of plane strength parameters such as ILSS and tensile strength in flat wise plane should be verified. WP3 consist of ballistic testing and will be conducted according to Annex C of STANAG 4569. The testing of the AC within WP6 will be divided into laboratory testing and field testing. In addition to the panels that will be mounted onto the vehicle platform, test panels will be prepared and tested separately.
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