Modeling the behavior of a hierarchy of command agents with context-based reasoning

Løvlid, Rikke Amilde
Bruvoll, Solveig
Bråthen, Karsten
Gonzalez, Avelino J.
Løvlid, Rikke Amilde; Bruvoll, Solveig; Bråthen, Karsten; Gonzalez, Avelino J.. Modeling the behavior of a hierarchy of command agents with context-based reasoning. The Journal of Defence Modeling and Simulation: Applications, Methodology, Technology 2017 s.
Size: 3M
Context-based reasoning is a paradigm for modeling agent behavior that is based on the idea that humans only use a small portion of their knowledge at any given time. It was specially designed to represent human tactical behavior and has been successfully implemented in systems with single agents or two agents working together. In this paper, we apply this idea in a hierarchical multi-agent system of command agents, where the agents’ actions are to command and coordinate subordinates, send reports to their superiors, and communicate with other agents at the same level. We focus on how contexts and actions can be defined for these higher level command agents and how the contexts and actions for the different command agents are related. The proposed methodology is implemented and tested for a hierarchy of command agents that are interpreting and planning an operational order at a battalion level and carrying it out in a computer generated forces environment.
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