Characterization of a compact 6-band multifunctional camera based on patterned spectral filters in the focal plane

Torkildsen, Hans Erling
Hovland, Harald
Opsahl, Thomas Olsvik
Haavardsholm, Trym Vegard
Nicolas, Stephane
Skauli, Torbjørn
Torkildsen, Hans Erling; Hovland, Harald; Opsahl, Thomas Olsvik; Haavardsholm, Trym Vegard; Nicolas, Stephane; Skauli, Torbjørn. Characterization of a compact 6-band multifunctional camera based on patterned spectral filters in the focal plane. Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering 2014 ;Volum 9088.
Size: 2M
In some applications of multi- or hyperspectral imaging, it is important to have a compact sensor. The most compact spectral imaging sensors are based on spectral filtering in the focal plane. For hyperspectral imaging, it has been proposed to use a "linearly variable" bandpass filter in the focal plane, combined with scanning of the field of view. As the image of a given object in the scene moves across the field of view, it is observed through parts of the filter with varying center wavelength, and a complete spectrum can be assembled. However if the radiance received from the object varies with viewing angle, or with time, then the reconstructed spectrum will be distorted. We describe a camera design where this hyperspectral functionality is traded for multispectral imaging with better spectral integrity. Spectral distortion is minimized by using a patterned filter with 6 bands arranged close together, so that a scene object is seen by each spectral band in rapid succession and with minimal change in viewing angle. The set of 6 bands is repeated 4 times so that the spectral data can be checked for internal consistency. Still the total extent of the filter in the scan direction is small. Therefore the remainder of the image sensor can be used for conventional imaging with potential for using motion tracking and 3D reconstruction to support the spectral imaging function. We show detailed characterization of the point spread function of the camera, demonstrating the importance of such characterization as a basis for image reconstruction. A simplified image reconstruction based on feature-based image coregistration is shown to yield reasonable results. Elimination of spectral artifacts due to scene motion is demonstrated.
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