Analyse av militære ledelsessystemer - en metodeoversikt - sluttrapport for FFI-prosjekt 735.1 "Ledelse og beslutningstrening på operasjonelt nivå"

Kommando og kontroll
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In the post cold war period, information age has reached the military domain as well as the civilian. However, the cost of new technology is significant, and the consequences of alternative organisational forms or investment in alternative capabilities, are far from obvious. A need for well-founded ways of studying military management with a cost-effect perspective has therefore become evident. FFI-project 735 has studied alternative approaches to analysing C2 and management as well as training of decision-making. This is the final report of the subproject on analysis of C2 and management. A suite of alternative and supplementary tools and methods are provided and tested out, that allows sound effectiveness analyses of C2 on line with effectiveness of battle systems. Two methodologies are developed in the project, and three more are addressed or tested. The two developed methodologies both establish the link between C2- and battle capabilities on the one hand and overall force effectiveness on the other hand. One is quick in use and relies heavily on expert knowledge. The other is analytical and based on game- and decision theory. Results from testing out the methodologies are good. The project has also studied methods to establish the link between C2 systems performance and C2 effectiveness measures, such as planning and decision-making capacity and time. The relationship between proper objects of investment and rationality of the troops remains to be established.
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