Validation of replay-based underwater acoustic communication channel simulation

Otnes, Roald Wilhelm
Walree, Paul van
Jenserud, Trond
Date Issued
Otnes, Roald Wilhelm; Walree, Paul van; Jenserud, Trond. Validation of replay-based underwater acoustic communication channel simulation. IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering 2013 ;Volum 38.(4) s. 689-700
Size: 133k
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This paper discusses validation methods for underwater acoustic communication channel simulators, and validates direct and stochastic replay of underwater acoustic communication channels as implemented in a channel simulator called Mime. Direct replay filters an input signal directly with a measured time-varying impulse response, whereas stochastic replay filters an input signal with a synthetic impulse response consistent with the scattering function of the measured channel. The validation uses data from two sea experiments and a diverse selection of communication schemes. Good agreement is found between bit error rates and packet error rates of in situ transmissions and simulated transmissions. Long-term error statistics of in situ signaling are also reproduced in simulation when a single channel measurement is used to configure the simulator. In all except one comparison, the packet error rate in simulation is within 20% of the packet error rate measured on location. The implication is that this type of channel simulator can be employed to test new modulation schemes in a realistic fashion without going to sea, except for the initial data collection.
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