Uttesting av BMS i syntetisk miljø

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In many nations, including Norway, various battlefield management systems (BMS) are under development. Several first generation BMS are available for the military today. In order to study what functionality the Norwegian Army should be looking for in a next generation BMS, we have tested possible next generation BMS functionality in a simulator. This is possible because we are able to simulate the functionality that is not yet available in a real BMS. Starting with the commercial game “Unreal Tournament 2004”, we have made a simulator for combat vehicles. This is a first version of this simulator, which we hope to develop further. In this phase, we have included a model of a CV90 as the only available vehicle category. The terrain is based on the actual terrain in the Rena area. We have included MÃK Gamelink in the simulator, which gives us an HLA interface to Unreal Tournament 2004. The BMS has been programmed in MatLab, which allows us to quickly add new features or change existing ones. An HLA interface has been developed for the BMS, and this is used for communication with the simulator. We use a LAN for communication, as we in this phase primarily are concerned with the effect of possible functionality, and not communication solutions. With personnel from TMBN (Telemark Battalion), we conducted one week of experiments in November 2006. Eight soldiers commanding four vehicles were playing out several scenarios, and evaluating the various BMS functionality available in each separate scenario. The results from these experiments are presented in this report.
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