User-defined access to situation information services : an experiment

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In a Network Based Defence, the ability for the user to dynamically select information sources will be critical. Information services will be published in the infostructure, ready to be utilized by anyone interested. In the experiment presented in this report, the objective was to enable lookup of services provided by the Norwegian Command and Control Information System NORCCIS II. To enable dynamic user-selected information flow based on service lookup, registry functionality had to be developed that would allow the announcement and lookup of services. The experiment has been a joint effort between FFI and the NORCCIS II project team at the Norwegian Defence Communication and Information Services Agency (NDCISA). The registry service developed is called Resource Registry, and has been developed by FFI. Client software of this service, including a Graphical User Interface (GUI) prototype, has been developed by the NORCCIS II project team. A prototype system, showing “proof-of-concept”, was successfully demonstrated in November 2004.
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