Testing of the Chemical, Atomic and Toxic compound Surveillance System - CATSS

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A first prototype of the Chemical, Atomic and Toxic compound Surveillance System (CATSS) has been developed at FFI. The prototype has been tested during winter conditions at FFI and has been field tested at Ørland Main Air Station from February to April 2006. The results have been good, and the tests have shown that only small modifications to the design of the Templum stations are necessary. The Templum has also been displayed at several conferences during 2005-2006. Some of the materials used in the Templum prototype have been tested against methyl salicylate, a simulant for sulphur mustard. These tests show that the carbon material used in the Templum does not absorb/adsorb much of the simulant, even after 202 days exposure, and is therefore very suited for its purpose. The POM-C plastic material used in the instrument bottom plate, however, takes up quite much of the simulant and has therefore been substituted by a metal plate. The software used both in the Templum and in the CATSS central is now being modified and made more user-friendly. This work is not finished yet, but will continue in 2007.
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