Spesifikasjon av ESM-demonstrator

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The report contains a specification of an Electronic Support Measure (ESM) device for demonstration purposes. The device will be used by FFI to demonstrate modern passive positioning and identification techniques for the Norwegian Air Force. The demonstrator contains three modules. The main module consists of antennas, tuners and sampling devices which extracts digital information from the RF-environment. Pulses from radars and other emitters in the bandwidth of the tuner will be digitised. A pulse sorting device will cluster pulses from the same pulse train into an emission description word (EDW). The output of the first module is hence a continuos flow of EDWs. A second module is a PC which uses the EDWs to generate a picture of the emitter activity. It uses bearing information and identification techniques to separate the different emitters. By correlating the crystal oscillator frequency with an emitter library it will be possible to get unique identification of the emitter. The third device takes pulse samples from the tuner and tries to identify the emitters by its pulse shape (fingerprint). Both modules will be used to demonstrate and evaluate modern signal processing techniques which can give a Specific Emitter Identification (SEI), i.e to separate different emitters of the same fabric (type).
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