Semantic Service Discovery for Interoperability in Tactical Military Networks

Johnsen, Frank Trethan
Rustad, Marianne
Hafsøe, Trude
Eggen, Anders
Gagnes, Tommy
Date Issued
Johnsen, Frank Trethan; Rustad, Marianne; Hafsøe, Trude; Eggen, Anders; Gagnes, Tommy. Semantic Service Discovery for Interoperability in Tactical Military Networks. The International C2 Journal 2010 ;Volum 4.(1) s. -
Size: 413k
Interoperability, both inter- and intra-nation, is a main concern when attempting to fully realize NATO Network Enabled Capabilities (NNEC). The NNEC vision implies an information infrastructure that supports prioritized access to information, services, and resources from the strategic level, down to the tactical level where communication resources usually are scarce. Web services technology has been identified as a key enabling technology in the NNEC feasibility study. Using this technology all the capabilities in a network can be exposed as services that can be discovered and used across heterogeneous networks. In this paper we discuss service discovery solutions for Web services and their limitations when considering their use in the network-centric battlefield. We focus on both the technological aspects that are needed to accommodate the disruptive nature of military tactical networks, and in particular the semantic aspects that need to be utilized in order to achieve system interoperability. We suggest the use of semantic technology to address the interoperability challenges related to service description and selection. However, the existing distribution mechanisms lack some key features that make them subject to research. A standardization process involving this technology is needed within NATO.
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