Samfunnsmessige konsekvenser ved transportsvikt

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Kritisk infrastruktur
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This report scrutinises the impact a serious failure in the transportation system will have on the public community. The report is part of the project “BAS4 - Measures to reduce vulnerability in the transport sector”. The work was conducted in two ways: One was to identify functions critical to society, such as health care, telecommunication, food-, power-, fuel- and water supply, and identify the needs for transport. By doing this, each function has been investigated separately, and thereafter cross-dependencies among those sectors and the transport system have been identified. The other technique was to study cases were transport in some way was disturbed, either by terrorism or by an accident, and to extract generalised conclusions about the consequences. The findings in this report are that the modern society is extremely dependent upon transport, which makes up the basis for economic welfare. It is thus found that a failure in the transport system, depending upon duration, over time will have deep impact on the economy of the affected area. Another major finding in this report, is how the consequences for the different society functions, are strongly affected by elapsed time. Finally, the impact of different circumstances, such as emergency preparedness, time of the year, demography and population density on transportation breakdown, are discussed.
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