NATO-utvidelse i et norsk perspektiv

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Kollektivt forsvar
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The main aim of this report is to analyse the process of NATO enlargement with a specific view on Norwegian interests and security perceptions. This report consists of four parts. In the first one, recent developments in NATO and EU are examined. A dynamic perspective is used due to the recent enhancements in the EU integration process as well as NATO support to the EU´s newly founded security and defence policy (CESDP). In the second part, the author takes a comprehensive approach to the NATO enlargement process. Focus is on NATO´s overarching aim with the enlargement process, as well as the means applied by NATO to reach these aims. Also Norway´s aims are presented, as well as the candidate countries adaptation to NATO. In the third part different scenarios for NATO enlargement are presented, with focus on a southeastern enlargement and a Baltic enlargement. In the fourth and last part of the report, consequences for NATO and Norway are analysed. One of the main conclusions drawn is that Norway can expect rather small security gains from future NATO-enlargements. Norway should in this respect take a rather conservative attitude towards NATO-enlargement issues and continue to stress the importance of keeping NATO as the main contributor to the collective defence of its member states.
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