Modellering av termisk signatur med ShipIR

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Project 775 was established in order to develop models for simulation of thermal signature for natural backgrounds and for vehicles. Developing a thermal signature modeling software for vehicles is a very complex task. Therefore it was decided to acquire commercially available software for this purpose. One of the software packages that was considered is ShipIR from W.R Davis Engineering Ltd. ShipIR was constructed mainly for the purpose of simulating the signature of naval targets in a maritime background. The software has become a standard for signature analysis of naval targets in NATO. This report discusses the features and usage of the ShipIR/NTCS package. One of the main purposes of the report was to verify the feasibility of using ShipIR/NTCS to simulate the thermal signatures of land-based vehicles. ShipIR is a powerful tool for simulating thermal signature. However there are several problems when using it for simulating on ground targets. For this reason it was concluded that project 775 should acquire a software package better suited for simulating signature of land based vehicles.
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