Metoder for emitteridentifisering i en ESM-demonstrator

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Automatisk identifisering
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This report describes methods for emitter identification that will be used in an Electronic Support Measures (ESM) – demonstrator. The demonstrator will be used by FFI to demonstrate modern passive identification techniques for the Norwegian Air Force. The demonstrator is divided in two modules. The sensor module consists of antennas, tuners, sampling devices, and a pulse sorting device that cluster pulses from the same pulse train into an emission description word (EDW). The output of the sensor module is a continuous flow of pulse sample files and EDWs. The second module is the identification module. This module consists of methods for classification of emitter type, specific emitter identification and visualisation of emitter activity. The different identification methods are based both on interpulse (EDW) and intrapulse (pulse shape) parameters. This report gives an overview of the identification module, with emphasis on pulse representation and emitter identification. It describes different ways to represent and compress pulse data (wavelets, splines, etc), and explains different ways of obtaining specific emitter identification by correlation of pulse parameters against an emitter library (statistical decision theory).
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