Kartlegging av miljøgifter i fregatten KNM Stavanger - miljøgifter i maling

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Forurensning - Kjemiske stoffer
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Size: 1M
FFI has in cooperation with SFK selected the frigate KNM Stavanger for assessment of products and materials for content of toxic chemicals, which will be of concern at disposal. This report presents results after assessment of toxic chemicals in paint. High levels of antimony, lead, chromium and zinc were found in paint from the interior of the vessel, which indicate containment of old types of paints. There were also found small amounts of PCBs in this paint. Paint from the exterior of the vessel contained low concentrations of heavy metals and no PCBs were detected, except in paint from the deck of the vessel were small amounts of PCB and some zinc were found. These data indicate that the exterior of the vessel only contains new types of paints. The antifouling on the vessel contain very high levels of cobber and probably remnants of tributyltin. The total amount of heavy metals and PCB in the paint is calculated. The amount of lead can be compared with the amount released each year from a Norwegian smelting plant and the amount of PCB is much lower than the amount in one small capacitor. Independent of how the vessel will be disposed of, it is not likely that the amount of toxic chemicals in paint will represent a problem for the environment.
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