Improved active sonar tactical support by through-the-sensor estimation of acoustic seabed properties

Vossen, Robbert van
Eidem, Ellen Johanne
Ivansson, Sven
Chalindar, Bruno
Dybedal, Johnny
Colin, Mathieu
Benders, Frank
Andersson, Brodd Leif
Juhel, Bénédicte
Cristol, Xavier
Olsen, Geir-Kyrre
Pihl, Jörgen
Tveit, Elling
Jespers, Stephane
Ainslie, Michael
Date Issued
Vossen, Robbert van; Eidem, Ellen Johanne; Ivansson, Sven; Chalindar, Bruno; Dybedal, Johnny; Colin, Mathieu; Benders, Frank; Andersson, Brodd Leif; Juhel, Bénédicte; Cristol, Xavier; Olsen, Geir-Kyrre; Pihl, Jörgen; Tveit, Elling; Jespers, Stephane; Ainslie, Michael. Improved active sonar tactical support by through-the-sensor estimation of acoustic seabed properties. IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering 2014 ;Volum 39.(4) s. 755-768
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Accurate environmental information is required for obtaining confident sonar performance predictions. This environmental information is, however, often unreliable or unavailable. To support antisubmarine warfare (ASW) operations, a through-the-sensor approach has been developed in which relevant acoustic seabed properties are derived from reverberation data, and a demonstrator system has been installed on a Royal Norwegian Navy frigate. It determines relevant acoustic seabed parameters from the reverberation data near real time. This demonstrator system has been validated in several sea trials conducted off the coast of Bergen, Norway. The acoustic seabed parameters derived in these trials have a good correspondence with the available prior information. Furthermore, the results show that acoustic seabed parameters derived from reverberation data in previous trials can be used to improve reverberation prediction for subsequent trials, even when environmental conditions, i.e., sound-speed profiles, are different. Because the demonstrator makes information on acoustic seabed properties directly available for in situ sonar performance prediction, it can be used as a tactical decision aid.
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