Fremstilling og testing av PBXN-109 med fransk I-RDX

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Size: 4M
PBXN-109 has been produced with French I-RDX and two types of Dyno produced RDX and tested with regard to shock sensitivity. Other tested properties are viscosity/pot-life and mechanical properties. The shock sensitivity has been tested by STANAG 4488 test method B. “Intermediate Scale Gap Test”, a test that FFI has not used earlier. One of the Dyno RDX qualities delivered in form of CXM-7 was tested to be able to compare the test results obtained in the new GAP-test with test results obtained in Card Gap earlier. The obtained shock sensitivity for the PBXN-109 containing I-RDX is significantly lower than for PBXN-109 containing standard RDX. The required shock pressure to obtain a detonation is approximately 50 kbar for PBXN-109 containing I-RDX, while the PBXN-109 containing Dyno RDX required only 20-25 kbar to lead to a detonation. The results obtained in the Intermediate Scale Gap Test with regard to barrier thickness are comparable with the results we obtained in the Card Gap test used earlier. All PBXN-109 batches have an acceptable viscosity with regard to get the mixes cast. The pot-life is at least 4 hours for all RDX-qualities. The obtained mechanical properties are for all tested batches better than the requirements.
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