Forventningene til Nettverksbasert forsvar : 6 tema

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Nettverksbasert forsvar
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In the project NBF i operasjoner (Network based defence for operations) we have experienced a need to better understand the underlying expectations that have made the Network Based Defence (NBD) concept so popular. In an attempt to contribute in the process of realizing these expectations this document surveys the visions of NBD given by a selection of Norwegian NBD documents and foreign Network Centric Warfare related documents. From the referenced documents, NBD does not stand out as a unified concept, but it is ratter a, more or less random, selection of hypotheses suggesting actions to achieve some favourable effect. The only common element of these hypotheses is their description of opportunities related to implementing information and communication technology. The Project has sampled a selection of documents for such hypothesis. From these hypotheses the Project has arrived at six topics for grouping these hypotheses: network organization to achieve flexible and closer to optimal allocation of resources, centralization and decentralization as two exclusive organizational concepts dealing mainly with responsiveness and centralized control, common situational awareness for making faster and better decisions, a common intent for coordinated actions, and finally, geographical independence for robustness and availability of resources.
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