Forsvar i kulde : sluttrapport - prosjekt 631-VM 159 : utvikling av teltovn og sovepose for Forsvaret

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Size: 2M
A stove and a sleeping bag have been developed for the Norwegian Defence Forces and are now produced by the Norwegian industry. The stove is constructed for use in !Q.15 m2 accomrnodation tent. Kemsene or diesel are the main fueis, hut firewood rnight ba used. The stove has a gross heat capacity between 6 to 15 kW and the corresponding fuel consumption is 0,6 lo 1.5 litres /hour. A combuslion almost without soo! al heat level up lO 15 kW has been acrueved. The stove is compact, has a low weighl and is hased on a very simple combuslion principle. This glves a reliahle stove which is easy lo ose and handle. The construeted sleeping bag is primarily for the peacetime ttaining. The bag consists of an insulatlon bag and a washable combined ouler and ioner cover. The insulalion bag is made of high quality polyester fibres covered with a polyamide fabrie. The outer part of the cover is made of flame retardant COlton fabric. The weight of sleeping bag is 3,6 kg including the cover and the sloff sack. The heat loss from the bag shall not exceed 2.0 Walt per "C when measured al 15 'c. The miJitary c1othiog has been analysed in relation to cold and we! dim.te aod the effeel of cold on the marksrnanshin bv usino a simulator for the anti-armour weaoon TOW has been examined
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