Experiment report: "Negotiation Based Resource Allocation" : Battle Griffin 2005

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This document contains an overall description of the exploratory experiment “Negotiation based resource allocation”, conducted by FFI-project 879 “NBF i operasjoner” in the period March 1-6 2005 during the military exercise Battle Griffin 2005. The experiment was conducted as an integrated part of another FFI experiment: "Ad hoc organization of picture compilation and situation awareness in NBD". The aim of the experiment was to test a new resource allocation concept where the decision process is dynamic and decentralized and based on negotiations reaching for consensus among users needing a given resource. The concept is a mix of ideas based on electronic marketplaces and online collaborative tools. In the experiment, a simulated UAV was selected as the resource in question. The collection of data from the chat-log, a questionnaire and observations will result in further reports with more in-depth analysis. The main conclusion from the project is that the concept “Negotiation based resource allocation” looks promising. However, there is a need for training and familiarizing into new processes and a completely new organizational setting.
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