Emerging technology concepts and defence planning in the Nordic countries

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This report communicates results from on-going studies of technology trends and their potential consequences for capability-based defence planning in the Nordic countries. The work is built on the analysis of the NordTech Games, a part of the technology forecasting activity under the Working Group R&T of the NORDFCO Cooperation Area CAPA. The report briefly outlines what the NordTech game is, how it is played and how the results were analysed. The NORDEFCO team (authors of this report) subsequently selected 11 system sketches, Idea of Systems (IoS) cards, which in the analysis were found to have the highest overall impact when played during the series of NordTech games. These systems have been assessed with regard to what impact they could have on capability-based defence planning in the Nordic countries. A DOTMPLFI-perspective has been included in order to indicate the impact on military operations and organisations.
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