Egenskaper til PBXN-109 fremstilt fra forskjellige CXM-7 blandinger

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Size: 3M
Different qualities of RDX have been tested with regard to shock sensitivity and critical diameter. Tested crystals were received in form of CXM-7 premixes containing all RDX (mix of class 1 and 5) and approximately 5wt% of the plasticizer. PBXN-109 has been selected as the test composition. The differences between the tested PBXN-109 compositions have been only the RDX crystals, for all other ingredients the lot No and quality were the same. Two of three CXM-7 mixes studied contained RS-RDX, while the last one contained standard RDX. To determining critical diameter we cast 270 mm long cones with diameter vary from 30 to 3 mm. Critical diameter were obtained from witness plate readings. The obtained critical diameter was found to increase by a factor two for RSRDX containing PBXN-109 compared to PBXN-109 containing standard RDX. In Intermediate Scale Gap test the obtained shock sensitivity of RS-RDX containing compositions was reduced by a factor two or more compared to compositions containing standard RDX. All PBXN-109 batches had low viscosity and a satisfactory pot-life for casting operation. The obtained Shore A hardness results are better than the requirements for all batches.
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