Compressed Sensing for Multistatic Radar Systems with Arbitrary Block Codes

Akhtar, Jabran
Date Issued
Akhtar, Jabran. Compressed Sensing for Multistatic Radar Systems with Arbitrary Block Codes. IEEE Radar Conference. Proceedings 2015
Size: 777k
Multistatic radar systems with multiple elements at transmitting and/or receiving side permit multiple target observations from different viewpoints providing various advantageous. In an environment with multiple transmitters the emitters may transmit independent waveform or use a coding structure to emit pulses across antennas over a predetermined coherent time-interval. In this work we extend the principles of employing orthogonal block codes for this purpose and emphasize on arbitrary or randomly designed block codes with a compressed sensing based detection at receiver. By employing a compressed sensing approach only a subset of incoming data needs to be stored and processed thus significantly reducing the sampling and integration requirement at the receivers. We show that the use of more general type of block codes allows for greater flexibility and better performance in target detection and are hence more suitable for compressed sensing methods than orthogonal, or quasi-orthogonal, block codes. Through simulations it is validated that such a system can operate well and compressed sensing techniques allow for data reduction and improved detection with a shorter dwell period.
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