An automatic station for measurement of meteorological parameters and thermal signatures

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Two measuring stations have been established - the purpose being to collect comprehensive databases of thermal signatures of background elements together with the prevailing meteorological conditions. The databases have primarily been used as a foundation in developing models for simulation of thermal signatures of natural backgrounds and for vehicles. The stations are built up by two different systems: one with a calibrated thermal camera for radiometric measurements, and one with a number of meteorological sensors - i e sensors for recording relevant parameters which are influencing the thermal signatures of backgrounds and objects. That includes air temperatures and humidity, long and short wave radiation (in and out), wind speeds and directions, precipitation (rain and snow), and finally underground temperatures. Both stations are remotely controlled from FFI via telephone lines, and it is possible to transfer the collected data from the stations to FFI over the same lines. At each measuring site 3-4 thermal images are automatically recorded every 15 minutes and every 5 minutes over 50 meteorological parameters are recorded. The stations have been operating successfully over long periods of time, and they have proved to fulfil the purpose of delivering confident meteorological information and radiometric data of backgrounds and objects.
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