AMEC project 1.5 - Cooperation in Radiation and Environmental Society

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The Arctic Military Environmental Cooperation (AMEC) Principals approved the Project 1.5 Task Management Profile Plan “Co-operation in Radiation and Environmental Safety (Advanced Technologies for Dose Assessment and Control, Environmental Monitoring, Toxicology, Electromagnetic and Laser Emissions)” on 22 October 1997. The purpose of this AMEC project was to actively co-operate in the improvement of environmental monitoring, radiation dosimetry and radiation safety related to decommissioning of nuclear powered submarines of the Ministry of Defence of Russia. Early activities included site visits and the exchange of information on radiation safety best practices. Over time, the scope was refined to focus on assisting the Russian Navy’s dose monitoring program. This assistance was first provided by transferring 106 U.S. manufactured dosimeters that were excess to the needs of the U.S Department of Energy to the Russian Navy in 1999. Next, the Kingdom of Norway purchased 100 Russian manufactured dosimeters and a reader in 2002 for the Russian Navy for use in submarine dismantlement activities and handling and treatment of radioactive waste at the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Polyarninsky Shipyard (FSUE SRZ 10). Finally, following the receipt of these dosimeters and their evaluation and use in radioactive waste management and submarine dismantlement activities, the Russian Navy has reported the level of benefit experienced through their use. This close-out report presents the achievements and lessons learned during the implementation of this AMEC 1.5 project and constitutes the completion of all activities under this project.
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